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AlloSite Therapeutics launches

Miami, FL, August 8, 2023, (AllositeTx) – 149 Bio, LLC (DBA Allosite Therapeutics), a pioneering biotechnology company, announced launch of its updated website as Allosite Therapeutics. This strategic update reflects our focus on developing innovative therapeutics...

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Nomination of integrin α3β1 as a target for its unique agonist antibodies as therapeutics for kidney disease

149 Bio, LLC has announced its therapeutic target for kidney diseases as integrin heterodimer alpha3beta1 (α3β1) that is highly expressed on kidney podocytes and is essential for podocyte attachment and health. The company also disclosed identification of novel allosteric agonist antibodies that target integrin α3β1 and enhance integrin-dependent ligand binding and cell adhesion.

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