Miami, FL, August 8, 2023, (AllositeTx) – 149 Bio, LLC (DBA Allosite Therapeutics), a pioneering biotechnology company, announced launch of its updated website as Allosite Therapeutics. This strategic update reflects our focus on developing innovative therapeutics targeting integrins to address critical unmet needs in kidney diseases and other disease areas.

The company has been at the forefront of research in kidney diseases, with a specific focus on targeting integrin receptors. Integrins are essential cellular receptors that play important biological roles in cell adhesion, ligand binding, cell migration and cell signaling. With a focus on targeting “allosteric sites” on the receptor and with its innovative “activator” modality, Allosite Therapeutics is poised to deliver transformative new medicines. The company has a robust pipeline, including a clinical stage asset and a pre-clinical stage molecule.

Allosite Therapeutics stands firm in its pursuit of excellence, forging new frontiers in biotechnology through integrin-focused innovations. This updated site reaffirms the company’s dedication to pioneering research, driving it to bring transformative therapies to patients suffering from kidney diseases and other diseases with high unmet need and to make a profound impact on human health and well-being.

About Allosite Therapeutics

Allosite Therapeutics is a privately held company that is focused on targeting integrin receptors with a highly differentiated mechanism of action – allosteric activation. The company is leveraging pioneering discoveries of its co-founder Vineet Gupta, PhD, who was among the first to develop allosteric activators of integrins. Dr. Gupta’s research has shown that this is a highly differentiated therapeutic modality for targeting integrins. The company has also developed a proprietary CellStaple platform that enables AI-enabled discovery and rapid development of novel candidates. The company is using this platform for rapid identification and development of allosteric agonists against multiple different integrin targets and has a pipeline of different therapeutic programs in various stages of development.

Investor and Media Contact:

Santiago Balza Pineda