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In the realm of proteins, location plays a crucial role. Integrins, much like antibodies binding to antigens, depend on ligand partners to carry out their functions effectively.

While many companies focus on blocking these interactions with antagonists, this approach can also disrupt healthy cell functions.

At AlloSite, we take a different approach. Instead of using antagonists, we target allosteric sites, strategically distant from critical regions, to enhance (re: agonize) integrin functionality.

This unique strategy allows cells to maintain their optimal function while promoting the desired therapeutic effects.


Allosteric Binding


Integrin Activation


Therapeutic action with less side-effects

Projected embedding from our own therapeutic transcriptomics

R & D

Fully equipped BSL-2 facility and a suite of proprietary assays that complement our unique AI approach

Proprietary Assays

Optimized suite of assays for therapeutic discovery and customized machine learning models for therapeutic optimization

Proprietary AI - Machine Learning

In-house trained protein natural language modelling delivers faster optimization of integrin activating antibodies

Process Expertise

Integrin and therapeutic expertise enable novel integrin constructs, AI-optimized therapeutics

All with a fully defined workflow

Proprietary AI models in R&D

The incorporation of our AI / machine learning methodology brings significant advantages to our process.

One notable benefit is its remarkable speed. At AlloSite, we utilize a suite of natural language and deep learning models to accelerate traditional therapeutic development significantly.


Therapeutic Discovery

Integrin Structure-function Modelling

Antigen Engineering

Antibody Targeting, Structure, and Binding


Therapeutic Development

Zero-shot CDR Grafting

Rapid Affinity Maturation

Immunogenicity Reduction

a priori Manufacturing Optimization

Antigen Engineering

Integrin Modularity

Integrins, existing as pairs, comprise at least 24 distinct combinations within the human body.

Though some integrins may share similarities, each plays unique roles, and specific integrins are associated with different diseases.

Our approach involves targeting both α and β chains across various integrin pairs. By leveraging our platform, we can effectively address a broad spectrum of indications, ranging from oncology to autoimmune conditions.


Modular AI platform is target agnostic


Wide range of targets potentiates wide range of indications

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