Miami, Florida, August 9th, 2023 — Allosite Therapeutics (DBA of 149 Bio, LLC) has announced its generic name for its clinical stage, lead candidate as Ontegimod (pronounced aun-teh-gi-mod). The company recently obtained rights to this molecule as part of its acquisition of an integrin agonist program from Gossamer Bio, Inc.

The company remains committed to improving the lives of those affected by lupus nephritis, cancer, and other life-threatening medical conditions with high unmet need, and are confident that clinical development of Ontegimod will provide new therapeutic alternatives.

About Ontegimod

Ontegimod, is the lead, clinical-stage integrin agonist from Allosite Therapeutics. It is an orally administered, small molecule and selective agonist of the integrin CD11b/CD18. In several pre-clinical models, Ontegimod is effective at reducing organ injury and improving kidney function in inflammatory diseases driven by overactive innate immune cells. In an early stage Phase 1 clinical trial, Ontegimod demonstrated good oral bioavailability and was found to be safe and well tolerated. For more information about Ontegimod or our ongoing commitment to lupus nephritis and cancer, please visit our website at or contact our media relations team at

About Allosite Therapeutics

Allosite Therapeutics is a privately held company that is focused on targeting integrin receptors with a highly differentiated mechanism of action – allosteric activation. The company is leveraging pioneering discoveries of its co-founder Vineet Gupta, PhD, who was among the first to develop allosteric activators of integrins. Dr. Gupta’s research has shown that this is a highly differentiated therapeutic modality for targeting integrins. The company has also developed a proprietary CellStaple platform that enables AI-enabled discovery and rapid development of novel candidates. The company is using this platform for rapid identification and development of allosteric agonists against multiple different integrin targets and has a pipeline of different therapeutic programs in various stages of development.

Investor and Media Contact:

Santiago Balza Pineda